Project Gallery

My name is Amy Buchanan, and this is a gallery of past projects - most are sold, but many are reproducable. I work out of my store, Center For Lost Objects, in Saint Paul, MN, where I also have my studio and produce all my work. I sell vintage and antique home decor ( I love buying and decoratiing!), but what I really love doing is giving furniture a new life - whether it's refinishing, painting or upholstering, that's where I like to focus my design skills. I like to use vintage fabric in my upholstery work, and the recent addition of an embroidery machine has led me down a new path!
Design by Amy Buchanan
Elvis chair, by A. Buchanan   Embroidered vintage tapestry upholstered bench embroidered vintage tapestry upholstered bench, by A. Buchanan       Footstool with custom embroidered vintage fabric, by A. Buchanan      Custom embroidered, vintage tapestry upholstered bench, by A. Buchanan         Refinished, vintage chairs with vintage photographs, by A. BuchananUpholstered setee with vintage tiger tapestry, by A. BuchananCustome velvet upholstered footstool, by A. Buchanan     Refinished coffee table w/abstract design, by A. Buchanan   Refinished upholstered mid-century chairs, by A. Buchansn              
Upholsterd foot stool, by A. BuchananCustome embroidered, vintage tapestry upholstered bench, by A. Buchanan          Bench upholstered with vintage leather jackets, by A. BuchananVintage chair upholstered with stain, quilted star fabric, and bench upholstered with vintage tapestry collage, by A. Buchanan      Vintage radio cabinet repurpesed as a TV stand, w/vintage photograph, by A. BuchananVintage table, with custom stained finish, by A. Buchanan      Room divider with custom finish, by A. BuchananCustom stained piano, by A. Buchanan            Custom finished cabinet, by A. Buchanan             Vintage chrome chair upholstered with VTG leather jacket, by A. Buchanan           Refinished sofa table, with reupholstered vintage chair, by A. BuchananUpcyclyed table and chair with silver paint, and vintage upholstery, by A. BuchananCustom stained coffee table, by A. Buchanan     After pic of custom color china cabinet w/gold trim, by A. BuchananUpcycled radio cabinet with custom color, by A. Buchanan         Upcycled gun cabinet refitted with shelves, and wheels, by A. BuchananRefinished china cabinet w/custom color, by A. Buchanan          Custom refinished, vintage sofa table, by A. Buchanan        Upcycled Art Deco bar cabinet with custom finish, by A. Buchanan          Refinished desk, w/custom color and gold trim, by A. Buchanan       Custom painted, vintage armoire, by A. BuchananCustom finished vintage buffet, by A. Buchanan

Other works